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Ancient Egypt Experience
'It was very well planned, resourced, managed etc. Neil knew how to challenge the children' Leslie Southey, Stratton Primary School
As would-be archeologists, the children, through artefact handling, studying of images and dramatic role play learn to piece together the evidence about life and death in Ancient Egypt.
The day is led in role by a 1940’s Archeologist who will introduce himself and discuss his work. What actually is archaeology?

After the telling of a story relating to a version of Howard Carter’s discovery of the tomb of Tutankhamun, the session involves them role-playing the ‘discovery’ of a tomb and to consider their feelings when they first look inside. Following this they work in teams to link images and text in order to consider life in Ancient Egypt with its ‘Pyramidal Society’.
'Thank you Neil. the children loved it and learned lots, it's only Monday and we've already done some great literacy/history/ICT work based on your visit' Alix Rothery, Halwill Community Primary School

The children then spend the rest of the morning on  a carousel of child-centred activities in which they handle and 'question' artefacts, compare & contrast real and replica artefacts, 'piece together' the evidence by working on a broken object, sequence the stages of mummification and get closer to the objects through observational sketching.
The afternoon is devoted to 'Mummification', with the children learning why and where mummification took place, who was mummified and what the process involved. They all have a role to play as they mummify an important person.
At the end of the day there is an opportunity for them to re-enact the mummification process as a presentation to other members of the school and parents.
'Captured them! Thanks so much' Emma Slaven, Exwick Heights Primary School
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