The Time Travellers - Curriculum based living history days for Schools
Ancient Greece 

Guided by Philippa, who in the afternoon takes on the guise of a Greek lady, the children will discover Greek myth - in particular the stories of Odysseus and of Pegasus and explore the cultural legacy of the Ancient Greeks

The story of Odysseus runs throughout the day so the children begin with learning a little information about Greek storytelling (Homer) and the Trojan War, looking at a map of Greece, with its many islands, and then listening to the story of the Cyclops.

Greek Gods and myths are discussed including the importance of Athena to the citizens of Athens. The children make a pendant depicting Athena's Owl and design a paper plate with the image of Pegasus. They also get to handle, and learn from, replica artefacts and foodstuffs.

The key role of theatre in Greek life is explored due to its importance in the development of discussion, philosophy and democracy. The children create masks to wear in the afternoon drama about Odysseus and the Cyclops.

The children have the opportunity to learn about Ancient Greek culture through sculpture, pottery and architecture along with literary, philosophy, science and politics. This is achieved through a slide show, display and a Carousel of activities:

Homeward Bound: the sea voyage from Troy - how did the warriors get home? The children use a map to plot their course

Peloponnesian Pots: the children devise their own pot using pre-made patterns and shapes

Greek Roots: the children interact with Greek words to see how we have incorporated them into our English language

Hero: A bit of philosophy - the children decide on the characteristics of a 'Hero'

Drama: to finish, the children will try a simple piece of drama using a 'Greek Chorus'.


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