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The Great Fire of London (Wood & Wind)

Through storytelling, role-play, artefact handling and group activities, the children gain an insight into what life was like in 1666 and of the causes and effects of the Great Fire. 
Seated by the great hearth, Master Hugh Scrivener, a wool merchant from Exeter explains that he was visiting London on business when the Great Fire broke out. He relates his experience of escape along with that of the residents of London. He hears many stories of how the authorities were dealing with the catastrophe. Some, he simply could not believe…..

It makes him wonder how he would have found out about the fire if he hadn’t been in London at the time and, also, what might happen if a great fire broke out in his home city of Exeter. During the discussion, the children offer their opinions on what they think caused the fire in the first place and why it spread so quickly. Master Hugh suggests that to gain a better understanding it would be helpful to know what life was like in London during that time so are to engage in some activities to help them.

The hands-on activities include, clothing, food, portraits, money and shopping and Samuel Pepy’s Diary. 

A close study of a magnificent model of one of Exeter’s iconic buildings, The House That Moved, will aid their understanding of how the fire spread so quickly. 

Using quills will help them to understand how Pepys wrote his diary and, finally, there is the chance to re-enact the course of the four day event as a troupe of actors may have done to an eager West Country audience.

This is a great workshop - age appropriate, motivating and well led. Good activities and knowledgeable workshop leader. Brought the topic to life. Thank you.

Rachel Hirst, Starcross Primary School
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