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Romans in Devon

This experience is independent of The Time Travellers and is offered by Oly Martin who has been delivering Roman experiences on behalf of RAMM for many years.

Please book direct with Oly:

Tel. 07790 272588

The experience is designed to increase children's knowledge and understanding about the Roman invasion and its impact on Iron Age life in south west Britain. Through role-play, activities and object handling (replica and real) children have to decide whether to accept Roman rule, perhaps becoming a Roman, or to fight for their traditional way of life.

The children, firstly, gain an insight into life as an Iron Age Briton. They listen to a story from a visiting traveller and then, with help from their chieftain (class teacher), they learn more through the handling of artefacts.

The arrival of the Romans means their lives will change forever and the soldier offers them choices. To help them make up their minds there is a host of things he has brought with him which they can handle and discuss.

He feels they should taste life in the military and see what it is like to be part of the greatest army the World has ever seen. The children are trained to be part of a legion with a view to attacking the 'barbarian' Britons. 

Parents and other children should be invited to join in with the final battle. 
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