The Time Travellers - Curriculum based living history days for Schools

Tudor Life Experience

The children have an opportunity to spend a day as an Elizabethan child, visiting at the invitation of Master Nicholas Hurst.

As children of the friends of Nicholas Hurst, your pupils will arrive knowing they have to impress their host in order to be considered as beneficiaries within his will. 

The day is led in role by Master Hurst who welcomes them into his Parlour and introduces both himself and his home.

Through hands-on workshops within the Parlour, Kitchen and Chambers, including eating a Tudor lunch in the Great Chamber, they will improve their knowledge and understanding of Elizabethan life within Exeter in order to meet their ‘challenge’.The children will make butter and marchpane to eat with their meal, play shuffleboard, handle and try on clothing whilst giving consideration to the Sumptuary Laws of the day, a discussion about the bedchamber and a look at an inventory will aid their knowledge and understanding. 

There is the chance to perform a Pavan within the Great Chamber as well as sing and act out Shakespearean insults.

Packed lunches can be brought. Alternatively, why not bring all the food to be shared in the traditional way of being served from communal bowls and dishes?

Thank you from Swallows Class for a thoroughly enjoyable and memorable day. The children were able to reinforce their learning by experiencing firsthand what life is like in a Tudor household. They returned to North Devon full of stories and creative ideas for further work. I have recommended you to teaching colleagues in other schools.

Dianne Chavasse, Our Lady's Catholic Primary School, Barnstaple
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